JAPAN SOLUTIONS Posture Corrector Back Support Brace with Breathable Straps M




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KEEPS IN PROPER POSTURE – While doing desk,computer works and then you notice that your back is being Stoop. This is the biggest cause makes your back painful. The posture support strap helps keep you sitting up straight by pulling your shoulder back. You will see you have good posture, and no pain in neck, shoulder back when you wear it.

BREATHABLE DESIGN – The posture support strap is not like a compression shirts, belts, designed by thick cloth. It is a strap, and allows you for comfortable use even in Summer. You don’t feel bothered.

WEARABLE UNDER CLOTHES – The thin cloth allows you to wear under clothes. It is not recognizable so anytime you can use it in daily life(work, school, sports,meditation,treatment )

HEALTHY BLOOD CIRCULATION – Having good blood circulation is important to stay healthy. What slight stoop “poor posture” would cause Stomach upset, Constipation, Numbness on your hands & foot ,Cerebral infarction, Subarachnoid hemorrhage etc

BRAIN MEMORY POSTURE – Your brain memories your posture, and memories stoop is your standard posture. This is not what you want. The solutions is let your brain memory proper posture to your brain again.

※might need a support to put it on
Support brace gently pulls back shoulders to reduce back strain
Helps improve posture, improves blood circulation and make you healthy
Provides Soft, Comfortable use with Easy Wear
Designed for man and woman.
4 size variation of S (Chest 30-35″),M (Chest 35-41″),L (Chest 41-47″),XL (Chest 47-50″)


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