Kid’s Parent Tested Parent Approved award winner 2 in 1 memory foam neck pillow Stage 2 for children age 5 – 7




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3 sizes

KidFit Pillow Stage I – for children age 2 – 4 with height from 34 in – 42 in

KidFit Pillow Stage II- for children age 5 – 7 with height from 42 in – 49 in

KidFit Pillow Stage III – for children age 8 – 11 with height from 49 in – 57 in

Provide Best Support and Help Develop a Healthy Spine

Our KidFit pillow is soft enough to offer comfort yet firm enough to provide a safe amount of support. Most importantly, it is properly sized to fit three different age groups according to their heights and weights to ensure proper support of their head and neck for optimal health of their spine at different development stages!

Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep plays a vital role in a child’s development. Sleep disorders can have a substantial impact on quality of life. A comfortable pillow that is properly sized for a child can help make the difference between sound sleep and restless sleep. Dr. Chester L. understands the importance of a good sleep to both you and your children when he invented KidFit Pillows.

KidFit pillow is strategically sized perforations in the memory foam to create a firmer area along the edges of the pillow and a softer density towards the center for optimal support of the neck. It has been symmetrically designed from side to side and top to bottom, ensuring there is no wrong side to sleep on!

3-layer Luxury Design

The outer cover applies traditional pillow design to offer the most comfort. It is hypoallergenic and machine washable. The inner cover enhances the inner core memory foam and is also hypoallergenic and machine washable. The inner core is breathable and machine washable with highest quality memory foam cut to the dimensions appropriate for the age group.

1 year limited warranty. Healthy Kids is the U.S. authorized dealer for KidFit Pillow.KidFit Pillow – OUR PATENTED PILLOW FOR KIDS is not just any children’s pillow. Parent Tested Parent Approved award winner
Featured on The Morning Show and Steven and Chris Show on Global TV Canada
Right Size for Every Kid: Properly sized for children with 3 different sizes according to their age and height
Best Support and Help Develop a Healthy Spine: Luxury 3 layer design – removable inner and outer covers provide both comfort and proper support: Down-like microfiber cover for comfort and memory foam core for proper support and help develop a healthy spine
100% Hypoallergenic. Machine Washable. Professionally design in Vancouver, Canada


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