Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Hotel Stitch Egyptian Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover – Full/Queen, White with Silver Grey Stripes



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Enjoy the silkiness of Egyptian cotton in a 400-thread-count sateen weave. The Pinzon Hotel Stitch duvet is woven of double-ply Egyptian cotton yarns, giving it a flexible drape for a more attractive display. On the bottom and both sides, the white duvet features two colored rows of satin stitching to offset a 2-inch flange. It is finished with a hidden button closure in a sturdy, 2-inch placket on the back. Available in a choice of sizes and colors, the duvet is made to coordinate with sheets and other pieces in the Hotel Stitch Collection, but will go with most Pinzon bedding and existing home linens. The Queen size measures 88 by 88 inches. The duvet is imported and safe to clean at home in the washer and dryer. For the best care, machine wash in cold water and dry using a low-heat setting. Avoid the use of chlorine bleaches.

The Fabric
Egyptian Cotton: Egyptian cotton is used to make some of the highest quality linens in the world, including sumptuously soft bath and bed linens. Egyptian cotton is grown to produce a longer staple, or fiber, than generic cotton, and the longer and finer a cotton staple is, the better able it is to be spun into finer count yarns, which in turn can be knitted or woven into soft, fine, and luxurious fabrics. The staple length in Egyptian cotton averages 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 inches, but can reach over 2-1/4 inches, which is twice the size of a generic cotton fiber. Products which highlight construction of Egyptian cotton are usually referring to the extra-long-staple cotton produced largely in the Nile River Valley. The humidity and rich soil around the Nile delta produce especially long cotton fibers, which are fine and vary from a light cream to dark tan color. Egyptian cotton is strong, durable and, if cared for properly, will be long lasting.

Sateen: Sateen fabric has a supremely soft, satin-like finish resulting from a four-over-one thread weave. Standard weaves, like percale, use a one-over, one-under stitch. The four-over weave puts more threads nearer the surface, resulting in a softer, warmer surface. Sateen fabrics are most often made of mercerized cotton, but can be made of other fabrics, including cotton blends, polyester, and rayon. Mercerized threads give sateen fabrics a higher luster. Mercerization, named for process-creator John Mercer, involves treating threads with a cold concentrated sodium hydroxide solution. Mercerization also increases strength, dyeability, and resistance to mildew, as well as reduces lint. Sateens can be produced in light and heavy weights, and are ideal for bedding.Includes duvet cover only
Two-ply weave for strength and durability
2 colored bands of stitching offset a 2-inch flange on 3 sides; hidden button closure in 2-inch placket
Machine washable and dryable
Measures 88 x 88 inches


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